Merging content with 3Dvia

I finally got to switch on my windows machine and try 3dvia scenes. 3Dvia is a collection of uploaded multi-format 3d models that has an interesting iphone app to go along with it which I had mentioned in a few posts
Now there is an extension to the web site called Scenes. This allows you to create a “room” or a place and drop in the 3d content from the library. You have an avatar based experience in the browser plugin wandering around your room, other can join you for chat and also be allowed to edit things.
This worked really well (once my flaky windows vista machine started up). So my only complaint (or wish) is that this would be a cross platform plugin like unity3d is. *Update it may well be it just did not work. The 3d model player does work (though in firefox not safari, but the places player is a .exe at the moment I think)
The content in this scene shows the variety of sources.
The character on the right is the exported version of my Evolver avatar (though it is a static 3d model in this case)
The sculpture on the left is one that I doodled on my iphone with sculptmaster
The wild animal is someone elses, I left the description panel in the picture as you just drag and drop from the search to keep the credit in place.
The figure in the centre is an animated walking moving avatar in world.
D’assault Systemes are certainly doing a good job for us in showing the ability to transfer and interact with pure 3d content.

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