Happy Birthday Feeding Edge

Today it is 1 year since Feeding Edge started to take a bite out of technology so you don’t have to.
I have to say that my first year as an entrepreneur not and intrapreneur has been quite learning experience, though at the same time a familiar one.
There have been lots of interesting meetings and conversations, ideas for projects, requests for help. There has been an awful lot of doing things that needed doing without an obvious and direct payback. Out here in entrepreneur country relationships and helping one another is even more important than in corporate life.
Equally out here you are not a role or a professions. You are whatever you need to do, whatever you feel you can do, you just get on and do it.
The things I have done have crossed many technical platforms and boundaries, much of it cant be shared (which is a pity). Everyday brings a new challenge, whether that is having an idea and seeing if it is possible or talking to people and providing some insight and support to discussing funding of a project.
Do I miss the corporate life? Well after 20 years its hard not to be institutionalised. I miss the good people I worked with, the things we did that mattered in spite of those that had their own more selfish and closed agenda. We all need flags to rally around, I now have Feeding Edge, for which I have a comfortable affinity for and a multitude of projects, customers and collaborations that orbit it.
I miss the paycheck, a known entity every month, and without my wife’s support whilst we build the business and the various revenues streams (listen to me! revenue streams 🙂 ) then this year would not have been possible.
A huge thankyou goes out to all the people who have offered support, talked to me, asked for help and suggested projects.
To all my fellow metaverse evangelists we still have a way to go, but I think we can get where we need everyone to go 🙂
I figure whatever you do you always “work” for someone or something. Family, a cause, a team, shareholders. Finding the thing that sparks your brain, makes you feel engaged an interested really is the key. I have always loved what I do and that’s not changed.
So onward and upward 🙂
If you need me just come and say hello, wherever or however suits.
epredator potato in Second Life
epredator [at] feedingedge.co.uk
etc. etc. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Feeding Edge

  1. Hey Ian, congratulations. Year 1 is pretty tricky for any business, nevermind THIS year, so well done for staying afloat. Keep pressing on. Am liking the wearable mindmap 🙂

  2. Thanks all 🙂 I think I am gaining some momentum now too (where the heck thats going to take this all I don’t know.

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