Copying is not theft – Contentious Issue number 47

Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow just put this article up with links to the original plea from the animator of this movie on for someone to help re-record the soundtrack and build upon this.
It is a complex issue, one that usually polarises conversations, but I do like the way this side of the argument is put.

The words are listed as follows.

Copying is not theft.
Stealing a thing leaves one less left
Copying it makes one thing more;
that’s what copying’s for.

Copying is not theft.
If I copy yours you have it too
One for me and one for you
That’s what copies can do

If I steal your bicycle
you have to take the bus,
but if I just copy it
there’s one for each of us!

Making more of a thing,
that is what we call “copying”
Sharing ideas with everyone
That’s why copying

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