Stop press! Kermit comments on Video Conferencing

Many of us grew up accepting the tv based avatars (sorry puppets) that are the muppets. Many of us over here in the UK also use the term “You Muppet!” as a sort of slang joking derogatory line for someone foolish but harmless. The wide world interweb and associated social media has been awash with this muppets video. It is brilliant, but it also has an up to date message at the end.
So next time someone says, ah but can’t we video conference instead, just point them at the end of this video 🙂

3 thoughts on “Stop press! Kermit comments on Video Conferencing

  1. Jenn Forager

    I think I have had a break-through!! Years of puppeteering and idolizing Jim Henson have resulted in a comfort level as an avatar which i found (until now!!) difficult to explain. Thank you ePredator, for any excuse to watch the Muppets in action!
    Warmest Regards,
    Jenn Forager /sl

  2. I have always had a fascination and interest in puppets too, I realized a while back I referred to the avatars as puppets, in particular when explaining U2inSL concerts as a tribute act but with puppets. The way as humans we give life and meaning to inanimate objects through art and story telling is quite a deep rooted evolutionary piece of our makeup. So it seems strange that not everyone is able to relate avatars and their use. Everyone understands puppetry, and in general illustration and metaphor. Maybe it is the confusion cause by the “computer” which is also regarded by many as an entity or an interfering proxy in its own right, rather than as a medium for us to explain and puppet our thoughts.

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