Get ready to push the button on 3d printing

I got sent another sample of 3d printing by the guys and girls at Objet I had not got around to photographing it and blogging it, but I have had it in my laptop bag and handed it to a number or people to say “look at that”. Physical interaction with an object causes humans to relate to things very quickly indeed.
This piece is a collection of rubberized buttons and a hollow case.

Objet 3d Printed buttons
What is interesting though is that the buttons have been printed and manufactured to in one go, but with different amounts of resistance. The lower button is almost solid, the top button is like pushing into your palm. The mid range buttons are more like the spring levels for degrees of cooking a steak.

The lid is removable too to show a two piece printed object. With no delicate parts to worry about it fits nicely in with all the business cards and cables, hence where it has lived for a few weeks.

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