More iphone Radgoll experiments

I carried on with a few ideas of what to do with the ragdoll version of my Evolver avatar and I ended up with this interesting behaviour. Which is sort of where I was heading. It is a form of emergent behaviour caused but the avatar being suspended by the two top spheres using a form of hinge. This combined with gravity and the bones and joints in the avatar lead it to create this dancing toy effect that is different each time it is run. Next is to wire the strings up to touch controls and then I have a full dancing avatar to play with on the iphone.

4 thoughts on “More iphone Radgoll experiments

  1. Come on ePredator, you have teased us long enough. A tutorial please? Got my iPhone, Unity, Cheetah at the ready. Hints? I could puzzle through but let’s jumpstart this bedroom coding community, shall we?

  2. I will put some things up on what I was doing to make this happen, once I figure out if its a good way 🙂
    The avatar came directly from evolver. I did not really do much in cheetah with it.
    The unity ragdoll helper script is in the menus that lets you assign the bones from a 3d skeleton to rigidbody elements and keeps the joints in tact.
    I merely hit the ragdoll button then gravity took force.
    Then I created the two top spheres and made each a default hinge joint and attached to each forearm using the inspector dialogue. I also hit kinematic which does something clever to things 🙂

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