SXSW 2010- Second Life Where are they now? go vote please :)

John Swords asked if I would be up for making the journey from the UK to Texas for the SXSW event next year to be part of his panel Second Life Where are they now. I said yes straight away. Panels are democratically decided, so get voting please.
Its an ideal panel for those of us who have made major changes in our lives, in my case starting an enterprise surge then moving from intrapreneur to entrepreneur because of it.
Swords post about it is here and the voting form is here
I think the subject is right up our collective virtual streets, and specifically the fact this was no dead end but the start of something much bigger for everyone.
So you are you going to vote yes and give me a reason to dig into the Feeding Edge travel budget and head for Texas in 2010
Voting closes September 4th

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