Trying a different presentation style in SL

Before going to present at Ander’s Train for success the other day I thought I better have some material ready as a backup in case voice broke, or the needs of the gathering changed. I used to carry a showreel object around that if I had rez permissions created the various pieces of work from tennis courts to twisted prim builds. However, as I had the presentation I do in RL usually and had laid that out in SL I wondered what would happen if I adjust the slide, made them more 3d and also used them as clothing. So I wear the presentation. That way I need no rezz permissions and can easily present. Extending the avatar past the look and the gestures and making me part of the scene I present.
Extending presentation






Of course this goes with the explanations and what a presenter has to say, but it seemed a good step towards helping people get past pure powerpoint and see the potential.

4 thoughts on “Trying a different presentation style in SL

  1. epred: really creative idea! love it! not sure whether we can get it adopted in Sametime 3D for our (mostly newbie) users, but still really cool!

  2. I still like th idea of the avatar as a room not just as a humanoid figure. This is a handy half way house. Also the quirk when it attached to you and you end up doing the pose shuffle, it moves a little with you. With the right attachments and the right poses you could morph the presentations without even scripting.
    e.g. Attach clock hand to you arms and have a pse for 2pm, 9pm etc. In fact I might just try that next week 🙂

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