My own TV show?

Aside from the comparisons in some of my attitudes to Jeremy Clarkson, or my passion for sharing information with people and making then feel involved I have only really ever done on stage presentations, unscripted, face to face meetings, the odd podcast, TV appearance and a stack of virtual world gatherings in Second Life.
I recently came across something Dassualt Systemes have put together that enables us to edit up virtual TV shows mixing simple content and interesting camera movements. Its called
It also lets you do the 2 photo facial avatar creation which for a first attempt on my part seemed to work quite well I think. (Not really done much with my hair).

You have to currently do this all on IE due to the plugin wanting to be the uploader for content from your machine, and they have not put in an easy to find player (to let you just see my first attempts), and Fraps cant capture it on my machine as the colour palette gets messup. However, apart from that it shows great promise as something very simple to use. 


I basically laid down 1 minute timeline, 2 shots form a keynote pitch, picked some camera pans, closeups the odd gesture and then recorded a voice over to go with it. If I can get the content out as easy as I put it in I will do my most recent pitch all in this as an advert for what I do here at Feeding Edge.

The various panning camera movements and simplicity to string them together was very impressive. No real fighting the interface or trying to sort out a dolly for a camera to move across. 

This is not a live performance tool (yet) and is a single user, but it does show some of the simplicity of interface and user functions that lets us just get on with the content.

Of course having got a a real rush from all the presenting I do and the enthusing I do, if I now get a taste for a TV studio….. Well I am open to offers, failing that I will just create my own show.

3 thoughts on “My own TV show?

  1. Hi Ian,

    It’s a great concept. It also looks well executed. As an experienced editor and director (I’ve cut around 500 TV ads, shows, documentaries, etc) I think the TVnima timeline system sounds great. I can imagine all kinds of uses for it. Even if you were just using it as the equivalent of a “rough voice over”, but this time it contains full pre-visualization with control over cameras and the digital actor…

    I also love the fact that it is bringing the “Web 2.0” philosophy to a 3D application (very rare) and breaks away from the model of virtual worlds to create something useful for a lot of people – even professional broadcasters.

    Not to compare or compete with TVnima but one of my guys build a TV studio one day last week in VastPark and blogged about it here:

    While the VastPark demo he built is multiuser, it contains no logic or creativity options, but I think we’ll add them in or others can, after all it’s open source.

    Hope freelance-hood is treating you well. I’m heading to Washington this week for 3 virtual world events in D.C. next week. Hmm, might contact you offline about something..

    All the best,
    Bruce Joy

  2. Well I hope to catch you in DC 🙂 lots to talk about.
    What is very cool now is the ability for people to build and deploy environments as your guys have, so quickly. That means that many other people will then be able to work on the ways to operate in and across these environments. As with the timeline on this dassault systemes example.
    We should see a whole lot more integration and operational layers forming around these deployments.
    As I was getting in on a twitter conversation about making things easier to use, this shows a way to make it easier, but still requires creative input and valuable content to make it work.

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