Live on Metanomics, a first interview for Feeding Edge

The first in the title is done with a hint of irony at all the firsts we used to hear about and claim in virtual worlds over the last few years. However I am delighted to have been asked to appear on Metanomics this coming monday representing Feeding Edge and myself. It is the first interview or public conversation I have had since starting Feeding Edge a whole week ago (just to put it into context it is still very early days).
I am intrigued as to where the conversation and the questions may go. I have of course the things that make up what I intend to be doing with Feeding Edge.

  1. The history of creating a movement like eightbar and mass adoption via social media of an idea within the constraints of a corporate environment, dare I say the birth of enterprise 2.0.
  2. Metaverses and virtual worlds themselves. What have we done so far and what can we do next. What are the sorts of applications we can expect to see layered on top of the experiences we already have today. The recession, corporate activity, open source platforms etc.
  3. Where are we going now? The future of Augmented Reality,Rapid Fabrication/3d printers, merging with the games industries etc.

Any of you who have heard me speak before know that I am more than willing to go off topic. I find in those off topic areas is where both inspiration and serendipity reside.
I am also looking forward to being amongst a knowledgeable audience, it is nice to mix evangelizing about this to people who have yet to fully appreciate the enormity of what is happening, with those that we don’t need that onramp conversation and can challenge points based on experience.
So feel free to come along the Metanomics site has a multitude of ways to interact.
This should be fun and challenging all in one tasty virtual package.
The link to the video is here

6 thoughts on “Live on Metanomics, a first interview for Feeding Edge

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  2. I think you will find much of my work and research of interest regarding “The future of Augmented Reality,Rapid Fabrication/3d printers, merging with the games industries etc.”:

    The evolution of interactive surface technology (
    “Plausible Interactive Copy” (

    Tons more there as well on the subject 🙂 .. We should collaborate some time.


  3. @Rich, thanks for the links and yes we definitely should work on something! There was a cheap handeld 3d laser scanner on the BBC Click programme the other day and it got me thinking about the 3d photocopier to make life easier for some elements of manufacture. Why model things that already exist, just use 3d modelling to augment and improve
    @Dale thats an awesome spoof and I am honoured (I Think!) 🙂

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