And there he is. Evolver to Unity3d and the web

This is a very very quick demo, but shows the Evolver Avatar that I purchased and downloaded dropped into a Unity3d environment.
Unity3d plugin still not working on Snow Leopard Safari hoping that gets fixed soon.

In another version I linked the bones to the ragdoll physics in Unity3d, I need to do a bit more with that though before publishing it.
So it all works nicely.
The settings that seemed to work well for me on the Evolver transport were

Poly Resolutions: Medium
Outputs: FBX
Skeleton: Standard Biped
Global Axis: Y up
Geometry: Triangles
Height: 183cm
Textures: Clothes and Hair
Facial Expressions: No

I am sure other combinations work, but this was handy for Cheetah3d as my main 3d graphics program

5 thoughts on “And there he is. Evolver to Unity3d and the web

  1. The unity3d web plugin works in snow leopard as long as you run safari in 32 bit mode. Details are in this blog post.

    Naturally, we are working very hard on fixing this properly, but for now there _is_ a workaround

  2. Thanks Nicholas 🙂 I meant to link to that work around, rather than fiddle with it I tend to spark up firefox 🙂 I certainly don’t blame you guys as Snow leapord seems to have been a little bit off on a lot of things.

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